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Keeping the Lights On A Guide to Neon Sign Maintenance and Preservation

People love the look of neon signs. They are great for attracting attention to businesses. They’re long-lasting lighting sources that are easy to maintain. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the proper maintenance and care of neon signs. We will provide the necessary information to make sure your neon signs light up your life long-term.

Keep It Clean

It may seem obvious but neon signs need to be kept clean. The signs will look less bright and more unattractive if they get dirty. Your first step to cleaning your custom neon sign should be to unplug it. Even though they aren’t hot, that doesn’t mean they can’t be handled. The transformers can cause serious burns and other injuries if not properly maintained. You will then need to clean the vacuum with a brush attachment. You can then wipe the tubes clean with a nylon brush, or a soft towel. A paintbrush can be used to reach difficult-to-reach areas if you need to be extremely thorough. You might need to do more work depending on where you place your sign. You might have to do more work if your sign is located near a grill. Additionally, if the environment is one where regular smoking occurs, it may become covered with nicotine stains. These grimy stains can be removed by using an ammonia-based cleaner. Then, wipe the tubes down with a soft cloth. Be gentle, though. You don’t wish to damage the tubes. Finally, use water to clean the area, and then plug in your sign!

Keep bugs away

This is the next care and maintenance tip for a custom neon signs that focuses more specifically on outdoor signs. Many lights attract bugs. The neon tubes with bright colors are especially attractive. If there are bugs on your signs, you will have to clean them up even more. Some can even block the view of your signs, which is something no one wants! This problem can be solved by installing a few insect zappers or traps around your property. It is important to install them and be close to the source of any bugs. You can expect mosquitoes to be drawn to any drainage ditches or other areas on your property. These measures can help keep bugs away.

You must unplug your Sign

It doesn’t matter what you think, but your sign should be plugged in and left on. The transformer will last longer if you don’t clean or repair it. Neon lights are very efficient and will not cost you much. The average cost of running a custom neon sign for 24hrs is about 20c. It’s also not a fire hazard because they don’t get hot.

These are just some of the ways you can ensure that your custom neon sign will last a long while. These tips will ensure that your neon sign lasts for a lifetime. You can get your neon sign or add it to your collection. It is a good idea to hire a professional to fix your sign if it appears to be having problems.

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