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Shining a Light on the Benefits of LED Neon Signs: A Comparison to Traditional Neon Lights

Businesses are increasingly turning to LED neon signs for creative branding that catches attention and is more appealing than traditional neon signs. Learn why LED neon signs have become so popular with businesses and how it will help them move to a brighter future.

How do LEAD and Neon Signage differ?

A string of Light Emitting Diodes is used to create neon signs and light sources. The light sources are placed far enough apart to allow the light sources to overlap, giving them a constant glow.

A protective polymer is used to wrap LEDs. It is more lightweight than neon tubing glass and more flexible. This makes them much less fragile. They are usually a bit taller and wider than their LED counterparts. An LED neon signs is as thin as 12 inches. That’s in comparison to neon which can only be 3-5 inches deep.

LED technology is increasingly being seen as a better, more affordable, and more environmentally-friendly way to attract attention.

Lower Electricity Our custom neon signs require 15x less electricity than traditional signs. In tubes straightened, the size of the signage is measured. Old neon signage uses approximately 20 watts of electricity per hour. A neon tube of the same length and thickness would consume 1.2 watts an hour to produce the same LED light. Additionally, our neon signs cost less than traditional neon. They will last for longer and save you money. You can save money by choosing a newer version.

Traditional neon signs can’t be customized. LED neon signs have a lot more creativity. They are composed of thousands of small single lights that can each be programmed to be active. LED lights can change color as well as flash or fade. You can also create new designs by changing the size of your LED bulbs, regardless of the space. Contrast that with tubes that are difficult or impossible to bend into complex shapes. A simple blink on/off capability will allow you to see which designs will be most popular.

A LED sign is easy to see, both up close and from a distance. Even at night, neon signs can be difficult for people to see from far away. LED neon lights are easily dimmable to your liking, so you can control how much energy is consumed. Our customized neon lights are less energy-intensive and brighter. Flexible display options are possible with configurable brightness.

Branding matches
LED neon signs come in a wide variety of colors. This makes it easier to convey your brand image more accurately while still maintaining brand integrity. NeonExperts also offers custom neon signage options so that your brand can liven up any space, work, or play.

Individual, sturdy bulbs make neon signs easy to maintain without the need to handle hot components. It is easy to clean any LED sign, whether it is on or off. All that is required for cleaning them is a damp cloth. The neon signs must be taken off and allowed to cool down before being cleaned. This will mean that there is one less thing you need to worry about.

Additionally, LED signs require very little maintenance. After a while, neon signs lose all their neon gas. Your old signs may become dimmed over time, even though it takes 10 years or longer. LED bulbs can last for a longer time and are far less sensitive than other weather conditions. You can also use your neon sign outdoors without worrying about water damage.

Life expectancy
LED signs can last up to 100,000 hours (11 years) if they are well-lit. Neon signs can only last for about 30,000 hours. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are much more robust than traditional neon signs that use fragile glass tubing. LED neon signs are waterproof and more resistant to weather damage. You can save even more if you’re exposed to extremes.

Sometimes we see signs that have been partially removed, which can make businesses look old and worn. The LED bulbs are easy to replace so it doesn’t impact the quality or use of the space. LED neon signs can be used for a long time without needing to be replaced. However, neon failures require replacement immediately.

Custom-made LED neon signage generates very little heat and is safe to the touch. There are potential shock hazards with neon, and LED bulbs can also be broken. This is in contrast to traditional neon signs which have fragile glass tubing.

Installation Speed & Cost – LED’s flexibility & lighter weight make it easier and quicker to install LED signs than their older counterparts. Even though LED equipment has a higher upfront cost, it is offset by labor savings and longer-lasting savings. The old neon signs’ components are bulkier, more hazardous to transport, and take longer to install.
The price of LEDs has fallen thanks to technology and the majority of modern signage is now LED.

Energy Savings
LEDs are more efficient than traditional neon signs, which use more electricity and heat. The 15,000-volt glass neon can be used by LED lighting, which uses only 24 volts. LED can also be used at low voltage (12V) and high voltage neon 120V (120V). LED signs use 200% less electricity than neon ones.

LED signs are an eco-friendly choice for lit signage. They consume very little energy and last for a long time. LED bulbs are becoming increasingly recyclable. Toxic waste is, however, obsolete neon signage. LEDs are not affected by mercury, glass tubes, argon, or gases.

LED neon signs can be a great way to save money on creative signage. The cost of advertising does not have to be cut. However, visibility and versatility should not be compromised. The benefits of LED are both short-term and long-term when you consider the differences between neon and LED signs. A professionally designed LED signage is attractive because it has more creativity and clarity. It leaves a greater impression in the mind’s eyes. LED signs can be used to advertise footfall.

Do you want to learn more about LED signs that can brighten your brand? Neon experts are available to answer any questions you may have and help you design your sign.

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