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January Blues? Not at Your Bar with Neon Signs That Attract Customers

Since the holiday season has come to an end for the year, many hospitality businesses are noticing a decline in patrons. There are likely to be ways to re-engage customers in January if you own bars. As many people participate in the dry months of January, this could be a difficult task at hand! Sometimes, you need the right advertising to be in your arsenal.

This is where neon signage for bars is part of the picture. In this blog, we will explore how neon can be used to draw people to your bar after the holiday season.

These are three effective ways to do it.

Live music concerts are advertised in the media.

Live music is a great way to bring people back to your bar this January! The opportunity to see local musicians is an exciting night out and is certain to draw some attention. If you’re considering putting on a concert at your bar, an effective way to advertise this would be through a neon sign.

Advertising neon has a long history. It’s not unusual that neon signs attract to be noticed. A neon sign advertising live music is the most effective way to draw returning customers in January.

Talk to local artists or event organizers about the possibility of performing. Let’s start making your bar look amazing with a custom neon sign.

Advertise your latest deals

Advertising your latest deals is another way neon can attract customers back to your business. Signs made of neon can be an effective way to announce any January offers to combat the January blues. If you’re offering 20% off certain beverages or foods, for instance, ensure that the people passing by are aware of this! They might be enticed by the offer to go to your bar and explore the deals you’re offering.

Neon Creations can create a customized design for you, or demonstrate the already-designed designs that we have.

Your logo for your business

Consider displaying your logo in neon to let everyone know. It’s a fantastic way to let passersby know your business is not just open, but also well-established and ready to serve the needs of customers.

We can create a personalized logo specifically for your company that you can hang up on your windows. It will surely grab your customers’ attention and draw customers to stop by for an ice-cold drink or two.

If you’re thinking of designing or hiring a neon sign for your business this year, then don’t be reluctant to get in touch now. We’d love to help you.

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