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Effortlessly Install Your LED Neon Sign with These Step-by-Step Instructions

While LED neon signs can be enjoyable, they are also essential tools that can help you make the most of your space, and also save your pocket a lot of money. Part-life hack, part neon sign tutorial, we’re here to give you the steps to carry out your DIY install – completely on your own. This guide will help make your space appear bigger regardless of whether it’s the living room, hallway, or bedroom. Follow our advice and tackle any hanging task like the confident, skilled neon sign handyman you are. The most appealing thing? The best part? It allows you to meet new friends and rid yourself of the mundane.

Materials: Studfinder, level, pencil, and drill.

1. Location:

You can choose the location and how high your neon sign hung in the room. If neon lights are installed on walls, such as artwork or pictures the best height is 57 inches from the ground. A level can be used to ensure evenness.

2. Anchors

For additional structural support, anchors for drywall may be used if necessary. This is contingent on the style of your customized LED signs. For all rectangular and contour backing options, attach the standoffs that come with the sign. Before you screw the standoffs in to secure the LED neon sign, you must place the board against the wall.

3. Drill

Next, drill the pilot holes with your drill. Then, carefully use a screwdriver for drilling the screws through the holes located inside the barrels of each standoff, making sure they are in line with the wall.

4. Secure

Place the custom neon lights in the space. Secure the sign hardware to the front of the plexi by gently tightening the inner screws with your hands, while paying close focus on the exact tension needed to secure the sign to the wall.

5. Plug-and-play

Plug the power cord into a grounded wall outlet. Connect the power cord to the neon sign transformer. Be sure that the LED sign tubing is illuminated.

6. Finale

And you’re done. Sit, marvel, and have fun!

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