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How to Fix Common Neon Sign Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

Bright neon signs can be a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any home. Neon signs are a great way to advertise products and generate sales. They also make a beautiful focal point for photo ops or can add a warm, cozy atmosphere to your home. Finding the right way to repair a neon sign can be frustrating.

The classic neon signs are handcrafted and can make it difficult to find the right place to start.

We are here to assist you. You can read on to learn more about how to repair a neon sign that has been damaged.

Yes, Neon Signs Can Be Dangerous

Before doing anything, be sure to follow all safety precautions for your neon sign. Incorrectly handling neon signs can make them, especially older neon signs very dangerous.

Make sure to turn your neon sign off before touching it.

Neon signs expose glass tubing encased with gas to high voltage for shining. This produces the neon glow associated with vintage neon signs but also makes them more dangerous.

Neon signs should be handled with extreme care. LED signs operate at a lower voltage (12-24 V), but neon signs require a high voltage. You could get a severe electric shock if your sign is not turned off before being handled. Handling a neon sign that is still plugged in could result in a serious electrical shock.

Additionally, neon signs older than 20 years old were made of lead glass. Fun fact: Neon gas is used in neon signs that are red or pink. Other colors can contain elements other than neon. However, some neon signs can have small amounts (although most of them are safe).

These neon signs don’t contain any lead or mercury. But you should be cautious if you suspect that there may have been a break in your neon sign. Wear gloves and a mask. Beware of broken glass.

Can my neon signage be repaired?

The state of your sign’s disrepair will most likely determine the cost of its repair. The majority of neon signs can still be repaired. However, it is possible to repair them depending on the quality and extent of the damage.

Never try to repair an old neon sign. It is best to take an older sign to a professional. They will be able to diagnose the problem and tell you how much it will cost. If your neon sign’s brightness is decreasing, this could indicate that it is simply getting older. Neon signs have an average lifespan of between 10-12 years.

If your sign has not been replaced, some DIY options can be used to repair it. But, it is important to get a professional opinion. These DIY neon sign fixes can only be used for problems such as a shorted wire or a broken transformer.

Check the return policies of the company where you purchased your sign. Signage companies rarely offer money-back guarantees, especially for custom neon signs. But, many offer warranties for specific flaws or problems.

How expensive is it to repair a neon light sign?

It depends. It all depends. What was the extent of the damage? Is the sign made of high-quality materials? No two neon signs are the same because each sign is handcrafted. It is not possible to repair neon signs singly.

A low-quality, broken transformer will require a different approach than fixing neon glass. It will take longer to repair a sign that is cracked, even if it’s only partially.

You should expect to spend $50-60 for repairs in the worst case, which is a loose wire. Repair costs for small damages to the glass or issues with the transformer will be close to $300-400. The repair of broken neon signs can be more expensive if they have more serious problems.

The price of neon sign repairs will also be affected by how good they are. Although more qualified professionals will be able to diagnose and repair your sign quicker, they will be more expensive to hire.

If you are confident, DIY solutions can reduce costs. However, this can be more dangerous and complicated than hiring professionals.

How can I take care of my neon sign?

Regular maintenance of your neon sign can prevent dimming and burning. It cannot prevent broken glass, but it can reduce the need for professional repairs.

Your custom neon sign should be left on for 24 hours if you are not using it. This will help prevent future problems. Energy efficiency is vital, not only for the environment but also to save money. Neon lights are more efficient when left on 24/7, unlike other lighting solutions.

You can prevent future damage by cleaning your neon sign frequently. It is important to turn off your neon sign and then unplug it. Once you turn off your sign and unplug it, you can gently clean it. Dust, dirt, and any other buildup can be removed with a soft, clean cloth or a brush.

Handling the custom neon sign is a delicate matter. Tempering glass to create neon tubing makes it fragile.

Consider installing a bug trap near your neon sign, especially if you have one outside. Your neon sign will become a beacon to bugs. This can cause the sign to block some light and make it harder to clean.

Looking to buy a new sign?

Broken neon signs don’t make for fun. Broken neon signs are often more expensive than their initial cost. Businesses may find this difficult when trying to maintain visibility without spending too much. We know how frustrating this can be for businesses trying to maintain visibility without spending a lot of money. This is why we have designed a custom LED neon sign that is easy to fix, durable enough to drive over with a car, as well as a one-year warranty.

SpellBrite can’t provide repair services for damaged neon signs. However, with over 20 years of experience creating illuminated signage that looks neon, SpellBrite can help you determine where to start and what the next steps should be. Contact us at (312-575-9620) or email to get more information. Or, you can request an instant online quote here.

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