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From the Glow of Gas to the Brilliance of LEDs: Evolution of Neon Signage

Create Neon welcomes 2023 with a new logo and look!

Create Neon is an innovative brand that aims to make your space brighter and prettier.
Today is the second-anniversary celebration of Create Neon. To celebrate, we have updated our identity. This includes a new logo as well as brighter and more creative fonts. You’ll see our new look on our website, as well as all our social media channels.

A Brief History of Create Neon

Jordan Christie, in the year 2020, founded Create Neon. Jordan is an artist. Jordan was an artist who incorporated decades-old neon tube lighting into his art pieces. His family, friends, mentors, and colleagues all appreciated his experimentation. He made neon art at local art galleries.

Jordan founded Create Neocon to help neon lovers around the world. He developed a team of talented artists who loved creating neon tubes in artistic shapes. Create Neon’s founder believed that all ideas should be accessible to everyone. He started this USA-based online neon sign business and then opened a second branch in the UK in 2020. Create Neon now operates two websites. One is for the USA, and one is for the UK. Create Neon has a dedicated team of designers as well as 24/7 client service. They will help you design your neon sign. Just share your ideas for custom neon signs with the team and they will provide a complimentary mock-up.

The Evolution Of The Create Neon Logo

Change is part of growth. We have made many changes to our company’s brand as we grow. We feel that our new look is more in line with the company’s evolution since 2020. With just one click, we are now the most affordable platform available to make bright and vibrant LED neon sign easily accessible to all.

We have retained the colors of our logo as they were in our old logo. They are blue and pink. To reflect the new spirit, we have made our logo more vivid and brighter. Our goal was to change the theme colors from dull to vivid shades to better reflect our business. The new logo uses multiple fonts to symbolize the ‘endless customizations’ we offer our customers while they make custom neon signs.

Favicon website

The smiling smile that you see at top of the browsing tab has always been our favorite icon. The glowing eyes of the icon represent the neon spark we desire to see in the world. This neon spark lights up your life, and makes you smile as much as the smileys that we use! This favicon represents our mission to spread smiles worldwide through our beautifully designed neon signs. Make your neon signs with our online tool. You can also send us your ideas through our online submission form. We will make your logo into custom neon signs.

Throwback to 2020 – What did our Old Logo Say?

With the next stage of our journey planned, we thought it would make sense to reflect on how the Create Neon emblem was created in 2020. This seems like an eternity ago!

This logo captured our entire spirit at that time. We had a mission to bend LED neon signs into our preferred shapes and characters. So our previous logo used LED neon tubes.

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