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Setting the Record Straight: What Constitutes a “Real” Neon Sign?

The Reality of Traditional Neon

Let’s start with some background. American neon was popular in the middle part of the 20th Century. Inaugurated at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, neon signage became a popular choice, but it was eventually discontinued after a few decades. Neon signs became so fragile and costly that most businesses discontinued using them in the 1960s.

There was then a revival of neon signs as a temporary fashion trend in the 1980s. Today, most people know that traditional neon is costly and poses safety and efficiency concerns. There is no shortage of traditional neon signs, although they are still very common. LED neon signs offer a better alternative.

The basics: Traditional Neon vs. LED

Let’s examine the differences between these two types. Safety is the number one priority. Neon signs made with neon gas and/or argon gas are fragile and easily damaged. They make a buzzing noise, are hot to the touch, and can break easily. LED neon makes no noise, has mild warmth, can be shock-proofed, and is extremely hard to break. To achieve the same lighting effect, traditional neon requires almost ten as much power to produce as LED neon. This makes LED neon far more eco-friendly.

LED neon requires less manufacturing and glass bends than traditional neon signs. The LED neon signs can also have adjustable brightness which is much easier than traditional neon. The maintenance of traditional neon signs is difficult and more time-consuming than with LED neon signs. The LED neon sign is more reliable than traditional neon and less expensive.

What’s the “Real” Neon Sign and

Strictly traditional people might think LED signs can’t be called “real” neon signs. They do look very much like traditional neon signs. It’s very difficult to distinguish LED neon signs from traditional neon signs. David Dobrik mistook his traditional neon sign to be an LED sign in his Architectural Digest video tour. Most people won’t notice it isn’t traditional.

Radically True

Now that you have an understanding of the benefits of LED over traditional neon signs you are ready for your own. Radikal Neon has a neon sign that will make your business look radikal. Take a look at our inspiration, our top picks for signs already designed, or use our Custom Neon Builder to create your very own sign. Each order receives a custom-made neon sign. Let’s bring your ideas to life!

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