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Neon LED Signs: A Modern and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Neon

LED Signs are the best choice in the LED neon sign debate. They are brighter, more efficient, safer, lighter, and more portable than glass neon signs.

Are you planning to move into a new property and are looking for decorative elements? Perhaps you’re a new business owner who wants to add something special. Restaurant owners looking to enhance the atmosphere of their restaurants.

You Need a New Solution for Your Decor Problems

Since the days of traditional neon signs in tubes, neon signs have changed to be LED-based. There were different gases inside the signs that could be charged to light them up. LED signs have a unique technology almost as similar to traditional neon. It is also more customizable. It is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

A glance at the past

Glass signs have a retro appeal. The nostalgic sentiments and nostalgia that glass neon signs evoke, particularly after talking about the old big apple and all-time classic bars, are unparalleled. Glass neon signs are being used as ornaments for outdoor spaces. Protective concerns are one reason. LED neon signs can be used in a completely safe way. They are protected from any high-voltage charges or the use of gases enclosed with glass. The  LED neon signs also have a brighter light than regular ones, which is another plus. While traditional signs still exist, they are not as visible today.

How are Glass Neons and LED Neon Made?

LED signs, in comparison to glass signs, are much simpler in their structure. A standard sign includes many components. It comprises glass tubes, wires, an electric wiring system, a transformer, and a backboard. After the tubes have been molded to the required shape, they are enclosed with a wiring system and electrodes. A transformer converts the electrical energy to a desired voltage. To produce desirable colors, the tubes are filled up with different fluorescent gases. The LED signs are made from acrylic tubes and enclosed lights. These signs are then mounted on the backboard.

Why LED signs work better than glass signs

LED signs are increasingly popular because they offer great advantages over traditional alternatives. In nearly every way, LED signs outperform traditional glass signs. These are some of the reasons LED signs are better.

Prices: The cost of LED signs is much lower than traditional glass signs. LED signs require less material. Because of the use of gases, bending, and/or fusion of glasses, traditional neon glass signs cost more. Acrylic, on the contrary, is cheaper and easier to work.

Energy Savings: LED Signs are more energy efficient and conserved than traditional signs. LED signs are dependent upon a low voltage of 12V-240V which decreases the energy cost. LED signs use 6 to 8 times more energy than glass signs.

Structure Integrity Glass signs are less durable than LED signs. LED signs are made out of silicone strips, so they won’t crack easily. Glass tubes are extremely likely to burst.

Repairs and Maintenance: Broken glass signs are expensive to repair. For the sign to be able to return to its original shape, it will need to be changed in the electrical system and/or the internal gases. You can fix LED signs with a simple strip of lightweight material.

Installation – LED signs are very easy to set up because they require only a plug to be connected to a power source. Glass signs however require a more involved and detailed process. LED signs are lightweight and easy to carry.

Customization LED signs can be made in one solid color, like white, yellow, and orange, or green and blue, as well as a variety of colors. RGB lights can be used to switch between different colors. Due to the use of gas, glass signs are only available in one color.

Lifespan: LED signage has a five-fold longer lifespan than traditional glass signs.

In Conclusion

Glass neon signs can give off a nostalgic vibe in your store. You will love led signs for their eye-catching appearance and ease of use when decorating your home or business.

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