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Brighter, Greener, Better: 12 Compelling Benefits of Opting for LED Neon in Signage Solutions

Light advertising, also known as neon signs, has been proven to be an effective method to increase awareness of a particular product or service. This type of advertising has been used for more than a hundred years. Modern advances in the field of illuminated advertising have enabled it to achieve significant technological advances. LED signage is the latest technology in this field. This article will go over 12 reasons that LED neon lights are more effective than traditional glass neon lighting.

A longer lifespan

The LED neon’s lifespan is longer than conventional neon lights. The typical time of life of LED signs is approximately 50000 hours. You might find that LED neon signs require to be replaced each year for 34 years if you divide these hours by the length of time they are in use. That is indeed an almost impossible advantage over traditional glass signage. It is recommended to check the packaging to determine the exact life expectancy.

Low energy

The current LED lamps have a luminous efficiency of 80-100 Lm/W (lumens/watt). High-power LEDs produce over 300 lm / W. In comparison, halogen lamps produce just 12 lm per W.

Due to the high effectiveness of LED technology, the power consumption of LEDs is 6 to 8 times less when compared to glass signages. This can significantly lower your electric bill.

No risk of burns

Due to their efficiency, LED signs produce much less heat loss than glass. Avoid touching glass because it will heat up. LED neons are, however, just lukewarm. Therefore, there is hardly any risk of burns.

High-impact resistance

Glass lighting systems are susceptible to shocks. Additionally, LED signs are more resistant to vibration and can endure extreme temperatures. They also are water-resistant. The design of the signage. This is a huge advantage for all neon signs that are placed on the outside.

With LED signages There is no delay switch.

LED signs don’t flash when they are turned on and offer their full brightness instantly.

Bright and eye-catching

The striking brightness of LEDs is what makes LEDs different from other signs. This technology is unique in that it produces the most brilliant and bright lighting. This makes it easy to spot signs from a distance. Due to their high intensity, they stand out. They’re not limited to that. There are still LEDs even in the sun. This makes it easy to recognize an LED signage logo or -writing, regardless of the time of day.

LED signs have an attractive appearance, which is the best way to impress your customers

Fluorescent signs can be difficult to maintain. These neon signs can sometimes make it appear as if there is always one light on, even though it’s not. Sometimes, light bulbs appear dimmer than others. This leaves a poor impression not just on the sign but on your business as well. Additionally, the message and logo are hard to read. With LED lighting this issue is eliminated. The advanced technology keeps your LED sign more consistent and bright in appearance.

Extraordinary Color

The range of LED lights provides you with the most stunning range of colors. This makes them perfect for business, but also are great for decorative lighting, especially for festivals and show lighting, party and wedding lights. There is no need for foils or paints to create any lighting atmosphere with LEDs.

LED signs are green

A LED sign uses 20 percent less energy than other signs. This means that LED neon signs are more efficient in energy use and less harmful to the environment. Furthermore, costs for lighting are substantially reduced. Fluorescent lamps release toxic gases such as mercury and Argon. It is nearly impossible to recycle light bulbs without harming the environment. This is an issue that is not the case with LED signs.

Additionally, LED neon signs do not release as much heat as any other lighting method. The rooms won’t get hot if you have LED signs inside the building.

Low maintenance

If you factor in the long life span of LEDs, their even effectiveness and brightness are easy to see why LEDs require far less maintenance. LEDs are not contaminated with gases or glass tubes that are susceptible to leaking or even breaking. LED neon signs are also simpler to clean. Not having to handle the hot tube is just one of the advantages. LEDs can be used indoors as well as outdoors. If you install them outdoors they will not require protection from the elements. If you live in a very hot or humid area it is possible to purchase waterproof LED signs. The final result is that LED signs are impressive with their simplicity in terms of installation!

Thinner signs

Because LED signs don’t have tubes, they could be smaller than neon signs.

  • Did you know: A typical neon sign is between 3 and 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) thick? Compared with an LED neon sign that is just 1 inch (2.54 centimeters), thick.

Smaller sizes mean lower shipping costs, less installation, and a lower carbon footprint.

Flexible Options for Signage

LEDs are more flexible than neon signs. With LEDs, you are able to create almost everything. Each light is able to be independently programmed since you are no longer using tubes. This option alone can create breathtaking color changes or animations. You can create a logo that is as distinctive as your business. You’ll attract the attention of prospective customers and increase your enterprise. You can stand out from the crowd and be noticed by the people passing by. LEDs offer your customers engaging information.

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