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How Long Does Neon Sign Last? Guide & Tips

Businesses seeking an innovative method to advertise their services and products are drawn by neon signs. What is the length of time the lifespan of a neon sign? What kind of maintenance is needed? For more information, check out Orant Neon’s blog below!

1. How long can you put an ad for a neon?

LED Neon signs are extremely popular because of their vibrant colors and striking designs. They are frequently employed to advertise businesses or draw attention to special occasions. What is the length of time a neon sign lasts? Find out more about how long an LED sign last.

1.1 Led signs

LED signs can be used indefinitely for up to 50 years. The reason for failure is usually due to the transformer or circuit board. If the warranty is expired, an affordable replacement is possible. LEDs aren’t able to be replaced once their lifespan is over like Glass Neon.

1.2 Glass neon

Glass neon signs can be used continuously for up to 75,000 hours. They can be re-gassed once they’ve been utilized (filled with new gas). The Glass Neon sign will last for many years when you care for it. Signs made of glass are, therefore, more costly than LED signs.

2. The longevity of neon signs is influenced by a variety of aspects

Many factors could affect the life span of neon lights, such as the durability of the material employed and the method by which they are put up. We’ll be discussing how each of these aspects could affect the lifespan of the neon sign in the following article.

2.1 Life of a Transformer

The transformer for your neon sign is expected to last between 8 and 15 years. The frequency and effectiveness with which you utilize the neon sign transformer will influence the number. Signs that are placed in a room will last longer than one that is placed outside.

The lifespan of a neon sign is dependent on the transformer it uses.

Transformers may be damaged when they are exposed to sunlight outside.

2.2 Function

A neon LED sign that is in contact with the incorrect source of power is susceptible to being damaged quickly. The life span of neon lights that flash is reduced due to the incorrect power source.

2.3 Tube Live

Glass tubes emitting neon light usually last between 8 to 15 years. If the conditions are right and the signs are properly maintained it could be worth the value you paid for. The way you apply the coatings can alter their life span. They could last for as long as ten years.

2.4 Power Supply

Issues with the power supply could affect the time it takes to keep the signup. When the sign is being installed it is recommended to notify the installation company. The sign is of top quality if it’s manufactured by a trusted neon sign maker.

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3. How can you extend the lifespan of neon lights?

Here are a few easy methods to extend the lifespan of your neon sign.

  • It is suggested to shut the sign off when it has been used for longer than 24 hours. This allows the light bulb and transformer (for LED signposts) to stop being used for too long.
  • If they permit it you may dim the neon lights for some time.
  • Make sure signs are clean by vacuuming them regularly. Dirt could cause signs to become tarnished when they aren’t properly removed.
  • It is essential to disconnect neon signs every day since this can cause wear and wear and tear.
  • Maintenance of neon signs must be performed frequently.
  • Our aim is to offer top-quality products at an affordable cost.
  • Outdoor and indoor signs are covered by a warranty of 24 months to cover any defect.
  • The neon flex technology of Orant Neon is more modern and durable than the traditional glass neon.
  • The LED neon signs are powered by LEDs. They are durable and cost-effective because of their long lifespan and low energy consumption.
  • Orant Neon uses heatless light tubes that have no damaged or broken glass to make our custom neon signs…

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