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Unraveling the Truth: Five Prevalent Fallacies About Neon Signs

Whatever happened to the classic neon sign? Companies are moving away from the gorgeous and bright neon signs that dominated the market in the past.

Although LED and other lighting options for signage are readily available they don’t have the same advantages as neon signs. However, their place as classics cannot be denied.

There have been lots of false information regarding neon signs over many years. Bartush signs are here to dispel these myths and bring back some of the famous signs’ luster.

Myth 1: Neon signs contain harmful chemicals and toxic gases

The most common misconception about neon signage is that these types of signs usually contain gases and chemicals which are toxic to the human body. However, this is not the case.

Two types of gas are used in neon signs: neon gasoline (from which this sign got its name), and the gas argon. Both can be present in the air we breathe every day.

Although older argon tubes might contain tiny amounts of mercury vapor in them, however, mercury exposure is extremely hazardous when it occurs repeatedly over a long time. Fluorescent lighting can also contain mercury in trace amounts.

Myth 2 that LED signs aren’t green

Did you know that each component of the neon sign is recyclable? It’s true! All the materials from the glass to the gas within can be reused for other reasons, reducing their impact on the environment. can have on the earth.

Neon lights aren’t as prone to electricity or light pollution as some claim. Most internal neon signs operate with lower than 100 watts (slightly higher than the typical lightbulb).

Myth #3: Touching neon signs is risky

The danger of electrical shock from neon signs is no longer as great as it used to be. Nowadays, neon lighting is a safer alternative to a variety of other lighting sources.

In light of recent laws which have made neon signs required to have additional safety features such as ground fault interruptions, as well as over-voltage protection. Neon signs are often powered by self-calibrating electrical converters that use the least amount of power to provide power to the sign. This minimizes the possibility of an accidental shock.

It’s also been claimed that neon signs are hot enough to burn you when touched, however, this is simply not true If they’ve been designed correctly.

Myth #4: Neon signs are not as bright or versatile as other lighted signs

Many insist that LED neon signs are used for maximum brightness and durability, but they aren’t invulnerable.

Like any other lighting source, LEDs can also become dull. This is due largely to their dependence on thousands of small bulbs located on the front, and occasionally in the sides and back. These signs will eventually need to be replaced completely in the event of failure due to the possibility of becoming dull in these locations.

In the case of neon tubes, these unique types of lighting indeed radiate 360 degrees of light which means they can be viewed and appreciated from all angles.

Neon signs also can display 40 shades while illuminated signs usually have eight shades.

Myth 5: Neon signs are fragile and do not last as long as other lighted signs

The opponents of custom neon signs tend to draw attention to their supposed lack of durability and lifespan, but the argument is rooted in personal distaste instead of evidence.

It is a fact that any lighting could be susceptible to damage if not taken care of properly and some lighting fixtures are not made to withstand this. A process called annealing can make neon signs more resistant to damage, by creating a more flexible glass. This decreases stress fractures and makes the glass more malleable.

Furthermore, some have said that neon lights only have a lifespan of 20,000 to 30 years. This isn’t the case with correctly-designed signs. Several cases demonstrate that well-made neon signs can be used for up to ten years, with no issues.

Signs are the focus of Bartush. We are committed to delivering unforgettable signs that will help you distinguish yourself from the rest.

Contact us now to find out more about our incredible display options. We’re excited to make your signage dreams become reality!

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