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Beginner’s Blueprint: Master the Art of Neon Sign Making with This Ultimate Guide

We’ve been advocates for more neon signs well before the pandemic. Through all this talk to other artists, we have compiled an “best-of” list for anyone who wants to try bending glass. This new frontier of learning is super exciting, due to its potential to transform market trends, and because it can create new revenue opportunities for artists. It’s true that the trade of making neon signs can be tricky to wrap your head around. Here’s what you need be aware of regarding neon signs as well as our top recommendations for learning awesomeness.

Register for the Course

In the beginning, let’s focus the reasons you may consider taking an instruction course in the first in the first. In essence, neon signs require taking all kinds of skills and techniques (which may require both time and effort to master Think of hot glass, bombarding and other types of pattern-making) and combing them in a specific way. It’s a good idea to consult with someone who can guide you. We are awestruck by the way an education can transform an individual’s life. These tips will assist others in getting the most out of neon.

  • Northeast
    • Random Neon
    • Urban Glass
    • Brooklyn Glass
    • Just Neon Sign Company
  • Midwest
    • Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center
    • Minnesota Center for Glass Arts (FOCI)
  • Southeast
    • Glas
  • West Coast
    • The Crucible
    • Western Neon School of Art
    • Pilchuck Glass School
    • Museum of Neon Art (MONA)

Read a Book

When it comes to learning how to make neon signs, try not to overlook the all powerful book. An open-ended arch of events can put things in to perspective: for you, your team, and eventually customers. Knowing how to add electrodes, noble gases and annealing tubing are all equally vital in ensuring that the neon glass emits light. These books will help you understand more about the process of making neon signs. Happy reading!

  • The Neon Engineers’ Notebook: a practical guide for optimizing your workplace. The book offers ideas and methods to tweak your equipment and yourself to produce your best work. The chapters that deal with glass work illustrate techniques for success
    to improve the bending skills of both experienced and novice professionals alike.
  • Neon Techniques (formerly Neon Techniques and Handling):this book has taught thousands of people the art and science of making LED Neon signs. Updated in 1997 by an expert in the field of neon, Neon Techniques, covers everything you need to know how to design, manufacture, fix and troubleshoot LED Neon signs and graphics, from the basic equipment to the techniques for bending glass.
  • The Neon Superguide Complete How to Manual:the book replaces the Neon Principles Reference and Neon Principles Workbook. The book, which measures 261 pages, is a combination of the older guides with updated texts and illustrations, as well as helpful photos, and three new chapters. The book contains more than 10050 illustrations, tables and pictures in this book.

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