Neon Signs: Are They Costly to Run?

Neon lighting is a beautiful feature for any shop, home, or commercial establishment. At Little Pineapple Neon, we specialize in custom neon signage in Australia. Whether you want a high-impact lighting feature for your bar or a custom neon sign to promote your beauty salon or hair salon, neon lights can be an ideal choice. If you’re thinking of installing a neon light, you may be wondering do neon lights consume lots of electricity which is why we’ve developed an informative guide on the costs of neon lighting.

The cost of neon signs

Modern neon signs consume about the same amount of energy as a standard lightbulb in the home. Neon signs can last for between 8 to 15 years which means they don’t require replacing like regular lightbulbs. If you’re looking for a high-end and fashionable light fixture, then neon signs are a great choice for energy efficiency. They can be utilized in your office or at home. The typical neon light’s power consumption is 400 watts, compared to LED lights which consume 150 watts, and fluorescent lights at 610 Watts. Modern neon signs often use a combination of custom LED neon flexible flex and clear perspex backing for a bold look that uses less power.

Calculating the electricity consumption of neon signs

Customers and businesses searching for neon signs with high impact with high visibility could be interested in the costs of running your sign. You could also consider a custom LED neon flex that utilizes the latest LED lighting technology to decrease the use of electricity. To estimate the costs of running a neon light, first, figure out the number of watts per foot. It is based on the transformer and color used. Calculate the cost of electricity per Kilowatt as well as the length of time the light is running. Times the figure for the wattage consumed by the amount of time the light will remain in operation. You’ll need to figure out for 24 hours if your neon is an emergency light that must remain on all the time. Multiply this number by the cost average of your electricity per kWh to find out the approximate amount neon signs will use to run.

What influences the power usage of neon light bulbs?

Even though neon lights consume less power than standard lightbulbs, your users will be affected by the size and frequency of use. Another aspect to take into account is the color of the neon gas used in the light. For the red neon light, the typical power usage is 3.5 to 4 watts per foot.

Also, consider the output of the neon lamp. It may use more energy when you wish it to be large with lots of letters and bright light. The Head In The Clouds neon sign is less energy-intensive than bigger neon signs with larger letters. It might also be worth considering the font that your neon sign is using since some may need a greater amount of glass tubing as well as power.

Neon lighting and energy efficiency

In comparison to fluorescent lighting, neon lights are much more energy efficient as fluorescent fixtures consume as much as 50 percent more energy than typical neon glass tubes. Neon lighting is popular because they are bright and bright throughout the day and night. They can be utilized all day, 7 days per week. Many customers opt to use LED neon signs since they’re more energy efficient and LED neon flex signs offer the ideal blend of energy efficiency and bold lighting designs. The same variety of colors is available for LED neon signs. They can also be hired for special occasions like weddings and birthday parties.

Choose a neon sign

Neon signs are the ideal method to add some character to a room, using striking colors and distinctive designs. The neon signs we offer are custom-made to order and come in a variety of colors, including pink, purple cool whites, yellow, dark blue, red, green, and more. We also have several different colors for an incredible rainbow effect. You can also order customized neon signs in a variety of sizes. If you’re concerned about high energy bills You might want to think about small fonts or limit the hours that your neon sign is visible.


Neon Signs: How to Make Them Last Longer and Brighter

LED neon signs are tubes of Americana, perfectly capturing the retro feel that was prevalent in the 1930s to the 1950s. Numerous neon signs from this era are now so famous that they’re still in fashion for the right reason. It’s possible to call them old-fashioned. They are durable and last for many years. It’s not a good look.

Each part has its average life expectancy. However, the question is what is the duration Neon lights last? Find out more about its shelf life through this article.

Transformer Life

Your neon sign transformer can last up to 8 to 15 years. The number of years depends on the frequency and often you utilize the signs. Signs that are put up inside, away from direct heat will last longer than those that are exposed to the elements each day.

Transformers can be damaged by direct sunlight, so when they are placed outside and exposed to sunlight, they may not survive as long as indoor signs.


The traditional neon sign or LED neon sign is subjected to an inconsistent electrical supply or those that blink tend to last for a shorter time. If a neon sign blinks/flickers, it could cause more wear on the components and reduce their longevity. You may opt to switch between flickering and static and apply the settings for flickering sparingly.

Tube Life

Bright neon glass tubes found that is used in neon signs usually last from 8 to 15 years. If they are placed in a suitable environment and well-maintained, then you can earn a profit. The coatings can last from 7-10 years, subject to the sign’s brightness and the amount of use.

Phosphorus coatings that provide color to the neon tubes are not indefinite and last between 7 and 10 years, but a neon repair technician can coat them again. This coating’s shelf life can be affected by the amount and with what strength the sign is used.

Power Supply

Reliable power supply systems can affect the life expectancy of your sign. After the sign has been installed, you should instruct your contractor on the issue. A professional neon sign manufacturer will make sure that the sign is up to scratch.


It is possible to replace or repair the neon sign’s glass tubing. It is also possible to put in fresh gas and then change the transformer. These things can prolong the life span of the neon light.

Signs made of neon are the ideal option to provide your business with the appealing appearance of a storefront. If you’re among these people, then remember only to buy LED neon signs from trusted businesses. Signs made of neon are generally secure and cost-effective only if you have high-quality neon signs.

Tips to Keep Your Neon Sign

Neon light bulbs will make your company shine better and attract more customers. We should not take it as a given. To ensure that it will last there are a few tips on how to effectively maintain the brightness of your LED!

Keep it clean!

Cleaning your signs is the primary method to extend the lifespan of your sign. The more dust and grime accumulate in your neon signs, the lesser it serves its purpose. It’ll eventually be unattractive and dull.

Before you begin to clean your sign, make sure that it’s unplugged. It might appear innocent, but it’s powered by a transformer that could cause an electric shock. It is possible to clean the dirt off using a vacuum or a paintbrush. To get rid of signs of accumulation of grime you can spray ammonia-based cleaner, then wipe it off using the help of a soft cloth.

Don’t Unplug!

It is better to keep the neon sign plugged in every day regardless of whether you’re cleaning it off or fixing it. You can do this by shutting off the neon sign and putting more wear on the transformer than simply turning the sign on.


Neon Signs: Are They Energy Efficient or Energy Wasters?

How much electricity do neon products consume? In this era of increasing prices for energy, this question becomes increasingly relevant.

Illuminated logos and lettering are frequently a major part of brand identity and interior design concepts and cannot be disregarded so easily – simply switching off their illumination to conserve energy is therefore not an option in all situations. In the end, advertising that is illuminated fulfills an essential function that cannot be quantified using economic cost-benefit analysis.

However, it is sensible to get an overview of the power use of neon tubes as well as LED-based products. So, we’ll understand the root of this question here using some specific examples and then put them in context by comparing them to the average energy consumption of common household appliances.

The power consumption of LED Neon is a result of its LEDs.

Advertising with LED neon is highly efficient in energy use. The majority of electrical energy is utilized to generate light, therefore along with the power consumption, heat production is quite minimal, in contrast to, for example, conventional light bulbs.

LED neon Flex is available in the range of 12 to 24 volts with a service life that exceeds 50 years. LED-based products typically require just one transformer (power supply unit).

It is easy to calculate the amount of power used by the LED neon sign. The following parameters are needed: power in watts, length of LED tubes in meters (m) and operating time in hours, and time (h).

It makes sense to determine the energy consumption per hour to be capable of extrapolating to longer durations later. LED neon has an average power consumption of 9 Watts per meter (W/m). A logo or lettering that is 5m long will use 45 watts per hour. 9W/mx5mx1h equals 45 W/h or 0.045 Kilowatt Hours.

Now you can extrapolate power consumption to the month and year. It’s also related to the length of time that the LED neon sign stays up during the night. Let’s suppose that the LED logo illuminates for eight hours per day.

Example 1: LED Neon “Ick bin een Berliner Original”

Adidas Flagship Store Berlin

Let’s demonstrate how to do this mathematical calculation by using an actual example: this LED neon pre-mounted on a dibond plate we created for the Berlin Adidas flagship shop in 2020.

The sign illuminated has a total size of 200x50cm and the length of the neon LED tubes is 6 meters.

Let’s suppose that the neon sign is used for ten hours, six days a week:

This LED neon consumes an average of around 168 kW per year in energy. The more precise you are in your ability to estimate the cost and demand, the easier it will be.

Power consumption of Glass Neon

The energy consumption of classic neon tubes (i.e. It is harder to estimate the energy consumption of neon products that are made of bent glass tubes than for LED neon. Alongside the total length of the tubes made of glass, the power consumption depends on several other variables: the color and the diameter of the tube (we work with thicknesses between 8 and 18 mm) as well as the power of the specific transformer model as well as the number of transformers required; and the number of systems (individual glass components which make up the neon). The question of how much power is used by neon tubes is difficult to answer.

Example 2: Glass Neon Credit Card

N26 Office Berlin

Let’s look at another example of neon in Classic Blue which has been adorning the Berlin office of N26 since 2021.

Two of our standard transformers having an output of 8kV/30mA are required to power the neon which measures around. 100x 63cm and is made up of seven glass systems.

We will not give ourselves the entire path to solution because, for a realistic estimation in addition to the number and length of connecting cables between the systems, it is also necessary to be taken into account in addition to that there is a kind of “voltage curve” that is present in glass neon. The voltage is settled at 60% of its maximum power after a while because neon transformers self-regulate. In this case, we will get the energy content to be around 0.29 kWh. If the neon is switched on for eight hours each weekday, it would result in an annual average consumption of 603 kWh.

This isn’t a generalization. The dimensions and shape of every neon sign determine the specific power consumption.

Neon’s power consumption is in contrast

Which devices consume the least energy?

To put the numbers in a better context, we will look at the energy requirements of some typical household appliances below.

It should be noted that all figures are approximate averages. The actual power consumption will be contingent on the size of the model and energy efficiency and how often you wash your laundry. Washing laundry three times per week will be more effective than one wash cycle.

  • Laptop: For a typically equipped notebook, you can expect that you will use 15 to 22 kWh.
  • Dishwasher: A 60-centimeter-long dishwasher (multi-person household) consumes 70-80 kWh per year.
  • Refrigerator: A fridge that is of medium size in the highest energy efficiency class could consume more than 120 kWh per year.
  • Washing machine The majority of commercially-available washing machines need 200 kWh annually.
  • Television: A flatscreen television with a 55-inch diagonal screen consumes approximately 225 kWh per year.

With 129.6kWh, the LED neon sign above is in the middle of the range. If you now consider that the majority of household appliances mentioned here are only used sporadically in comparison to a neon sign that is usually in operation for longer periods it is a sign of a product that is energy efficient.

Bonus question: Do dim (LED) neons use less power?

The simple answer is. The simple answer is yes. But beware: there are dimming and control systems into which the illuminated sign can be integrated that require electricity for operation themselves. This should be known before you decide to commission the sign. But, aside from that the power consumption of dimmed (LED) neons are much lower.

Our LED neon products can be dimmed by using the use of a remote or controller. This option can be chosen in the Neon Configurator.

Manual dimming of glass neon is accomplished by switching the rotary switch on your power supply. The dimmable transformer also can be selected within the Neon Configurator.

With this insight into the power consumption of neon as well as LED neon, we hope we have brought some light into the darkness!

Additional information on our products is available on our Neonproduct page as well as in our product catalog. If you have specific questions regarding a product, please contact our team.


Neon LED Signs: A Modern and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Neon

LED Signs are the best choice in the LED neon sign debate. They are brighter, more efficient, safer, lighter, and more portable than glass neon signs.

Are you planning to move into a new property and are looking for decorative elements? Perhaps you’re a new business owner who wants to add something special. Restaurant owners looking to enhance the atmosphere of their restaurants.

You Need a New Solution for Your Decor Problems

Since the days of traditional neon signs in tubes, neon signs have changed to be LED-based. There were different gases inside the signs that could be charged to light them up. LED signs have a unique technology almost as similar to traditional neon. It is also more customizable. It is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

A glance at the past

Glass signs have a retro appeal. The nostalgic sentiments and nostalgia that glass neon signs evoke, particularly after talking about the old big apple and all-time classic bars, are unparalleled. Glass neon signs are being used as ornaments for outdoor spaces. Protective concerns are one reason. LED neon signs can be used in a completely safe way. They are protected from any high-voltage charges or the use of gases enclosed with glass. The  LED neon signs also have a brighter light than regular ones, which is another plus. While traditional signs still exist, they are not as visible today.

How are Glass Neons and LED Neon Made?

LED signs, in comparison to glass signs, are much simpler in their structure. A standard sign includes many components. It comprises glass tubes, wires, an electric wiring system, a transformer, and a backboard. After the tubes have been molded to the required shape, they are enclosed with a wiring system and electrodes. A transformer converts the electrical energy to a desired voltage. To produce desirable colors, the tubes are filled up with different fluorescent gases. The LED signs are made from acrylic tubes and enclosed lights. These signs are then mounted on the backboard.

Why LED signs work better than glass signs

LED signs are increasingly popular because they offer great advantages over traditional alternatives. In nearly every way, LED signs outperform traditional glass signs. These are some of the reasons LED signs are better.

Prices: The cost of LED signs is much lower than traditional glass signs. LED signs require less material. Because of the use of gases, bending, and/or fusion of glasses, traditional neon glass signs cost more. Acrylic, on the contrary, is cheaper and easier to work.

Energy Savings: LED Signs are more energy efficient and conserved than traditional signs. LED signs are dependent upon a low voltage of 12V-240V which decreases the energy cost. LED signs use 6 to 8 times more energy than glass signs.

Structure Integrity Glass signs are less durable than LED signs. LED signs are made out of silicone strips, so they won’t crack easily. Glass tubes are extremely likely to burst.

Repairs and Maintenance: Broken glass signs are expensive to repair. For the sign to be able to return to its original shape, it will need to be changed in the electrical system and/or the internal gases. You can fix LED signs with a simple strip of lightweight material.

Installation – LED signs are very easy to set up because they require only a plug to be connected to a power source. Glass signs however require a more involved and detailed process. LED signs are lightweight and easy to carry.

Customization LED signs can be made in one solid color, like white, yellow, and orange, or green and blue, as well as a variety of colors. RGB lights can be used to switch between different colors. Due to the use of gas, glass signs are only available in one color.

Lifespan: LED signage has a five-fold longer lifespan than traditional glass signs.

In Conclusion

Glass neon signs can give off a nostalgic vibe in your store. You will love led signs for their eye-catching appearance and ease of use when decorating your home or business.


The Ultimate Checklist for Buying a Neon Sign: Don’t Miss These Essential Tips

If you are reading this article, you are probably one of us neon enthusiasts. Neon isn’t difficult to buy. However, if you are not familiar with neons, you may have many questions. With our unique neon designs and excellent sign quality, The Neonist aims to bring joy and light to the world. This guide is designed to make it easy for you to choose the perfect neon.

Let’s start with the basics. Find the neon purpose.

Before purchasing a neon sign, the most important question you need to ask is “What purpose will it serve?” The sign will be displayed at the wedding party. Do you want your wedding party to be outdoors or indoors? Outdoor custom neon signs will not be affected by water, but indoor signs will.

Is this a sign you would like to add to your living room? It would be great to hang it in the nursery, or the children’s playroom. Are you a business owner looking for a way to make your shop, boutique or beauty parlor stand out?

Why do we list all these questions? It is because the use of neon affects a lot of its features.

For outdoor weddings, the vendor should be notified in advance so that they can display it outdoors. For a nursery that uses neon as a decorative item, the neon should not be hanging. A LED neon sign with acrylic frame stands is better.

If there’s no power outlet nearby, you can order a rechargeable battery (though this will limit your options).

Size matters

Before you place your order, look at the area on which your neon is to be mounted. This will help you determine the size of your neon sign. You can measure the wall or area where you would like your neon to go and then determine how much. The Neonist can create any size of neon, just let us know your preferences.

A key factor in determining final prices for LED neon signs is the sign’s size. The sign’s size will determine the final price.

Design and color

The Neonist provides a wide range of design samples. These include colors, fonts, shapes, and more. Clients who have a clear vision of what they want are the best. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure. We can help you create a mockup so you can see how you feel about each design.

The price of neon will also depend on its style. A neon with curvy fonts will cost you more than a sign that uses a block font.

The Sign is Backed

Another important neon feature to consider is this. There are many kinds of neon sign backings. These include the standard clear acrylic backing, colorful PVC (to make signs even more colorful), and mirror backing. For a truly WOW effect, there is gold a silver backing. Each backing is priced separately.

Last but not least. Your budget.

Prices of neons will vary depending on their size and how they are designed. It is great to reach out to the neon studio with your budget. This helps to eliminate any potential misunderstandings at the end of the order process.


  1. The purpose of your neon, and the place you want to display it. A professional neon studio can match your neon sign.
  2. If you have a particular design in mind (logo/monogram), please add it to your list.
  3. Size.
  4. Target Budget.

The Neonist studio – What can you expect:

The Neonist team can provide excellent support to make sure you order the perfect neon signage. You can let us know what neon requirements you have and we’ll help you to customize your sign for the purpose that you had in mind.


Setting the Record Straight: What Constitutes a “Real” Neon Sign?

The Reality of Traditional Neon

Let’s start with some background. American neon was popular in the middle part of the 20th Century. Inaugurated at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, neon signage became a popular choice, but it was eventually discontinued after a few decades. Neon signs became so fragile and costly that most businesses discontinued using them in the 1960s.

There was then a revival of neon signs as a temporary fashion trend in the 1980s. Today, most people know that traditional neon is costly and poses safety and efficiency concerns. There is no shortage of traditional neon signs, although they are still very common. LED neon signs offer a better alternative.

The basics: Traditional Neon vs. LED

Let’s examine the differences between these two types. Safety is the number one priority. Neon signs made with neon gas and/or argon gas are fragile and easily damaged. They make a buzzing noise, are hot to the touch, and can break easily. LED neon makes no noise, has mild warmth, can be shock-proofed, and is extremely hard to break. To achieve the same lighting effect, traditional neon requires almost ten as much power to produce as LED neon. This makes LED neon far more eco-friendly.

LED neon requires less manufacturing and glass bends than traditional neon signs. The LED neon signs can also have adjustable brightness which is much easier than traditional neon. The maintenance of traditional neon signs is difficult and more time-consuming than with LED neon signs. The LED neon sign is more reliable than traditional neon and less expensive.

What’s the “Real” Neon Sign and

Strictly traditional people might think LED signs can’t be called “real” neon signs. They do look very much like traditional neon signs. It’s very difficult to distinguish LED neon signs from traditional neon signs. David Dobrik mistook his traditional neon sign to be an LED sign in his Architectural Digest video tour. Most people won’t notice it isn’t traditional.

Radically True

Now that you have an understanding of the benefits of LED over traditional neon signs you are ready for your own. Radikal Neon has a neon sign that will make your business look radikal. Take a look at our inspiration, our top picks for signs already designed, or use our Custom Neon Builder to create your very own sign. Each order receives a custom-made neon sign. Let’s bring your ideas to life!

You can get more inspiration by following us on Instagram. You can also check out our videos on YoutubeYou can contact us for more support.


The Appeal of Neon Signs: How They Add Personality and Style to Any Space

Neon signs are undoubtedly eye-pleasingly charming and pleasing to the eye. They add an energetic and bright look to any area. It’s no surprise that neon signage made of custom materials is an incredibly popular trend on Instagram and Pinterest.

The neon lights that lit Las Vegas streets have been making a comeback. The neon signs were popular at the beginning of the 20th century but then diminished during the 1960s. However, with the massive surge in popularity, appealing neon signs have found their way into our homes and have made their space in our hearts.

The Story of Neon Signs, and How It’s Developed

Over the last few decades, neon has carved its way from the lab of science experiments to the dazzling streets of famous cities like London and Las Vegas, brightening some of the most prominent buildings in the world’s top cities. Nowadays, you can see neon signs in shops, cafes, bars, occasions, and even homes. What is the story behind how it all started?

The first neon sign was made available in the United States of America, and it was a very expensive item. It was used as a signpost for the less-reputable, shady areas of the 1970s and 1960s. But, as time passed, it became a form of art and not just to identify them. Today, everyone from famous musicians, elite architects, and renowned artists to famous business professionals utilize attractive and vibrant custom neon signs to make eye-catching art that can be utilized in a myriad of ways.

Top Reasons Neon Signs are Growing in Popularity

There are many reasons neon signs have grown in popularity. A few of them are:

  • Works As A Light-colored Decor Piece: Neon signs give a nostalgic vibe and remind us of time gone by. The power of neon lights is perfectly in line with the vision of 2021. People are enticed to stay inside, which is why they experiment with interior design and incorporate vivid hues into their homes. What can be better than neon lights? It’s an easy way to update your space and feel as if you’re in the middle of a bar. For anyone who wants to give your space a jolt of brightness and color neon signs provide a unique and edgy vibe. They can be used in vintage spaces to create an atmosphere that is retro or in your home to provide a relaxing touch. They are perfect pieces of decor to create 70s-themed interiors that reflect the disco era.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient: Are you worried about your electric bill? Or are you thinking about the installation of neon signs? It’s possible that you’ve been wrong. Neon lights employed in neon signs are considerably more efficient and energy-efficient than your bare light bulbs. You’ll be amazed to learn that neon lights consume less than half power. Therefore, neon signs are the most environmentally friendly option to cut down on carbon footprints.
  • Let Restaurants and Bars lit: There was a period when people believed that you could use neon signs only for outdoor advertising, and today, you can see a lot of neon signs outside bars and restaurants. Restaurants and bars have been exploring neon signs for a long time. They’re no longer used only to draw customers, but it’s also used as art in many restaurants and cafes. Many even have them in the washroom areas for a quirky and fun vibe.
  • Ideal Advertising Solution: Being cheap and exceptional in making a good first impression Neon signs have been a staple in business industries for over a century. A variety of vibrant custom neon signs are visible all over town. They draw customers in and boost brand recognition in public places. They are a great advertising option for premium brands.
  • Long Lifespan: As stated earlier, Neon signs are exceptionally efficient in energy use. Additionally, they have a greater life expectancy. In general, neon signs last for ten years, and the various components used in the signage can be easily repaired or replaced. If they are properly maintained the signs could last for as long as 20 years. It’s a fact that neon signs are cost-effective and require less maintenance.
  • The Life Of The Party: Neon can be used as a whole theme in itself, and it also works best in enhancing the quality of your music. A simple placement of neon signs can transform the entire appearance and feel of the area. The luminous energy has a welcoming feel to it that emits a welcoming feeling. It can turn any space that is dull into an event space.
  • for Every Occasion: You can make use of neon signs for any occasion and are suitable for outdoor occasions. It is possible to transform any event with it, from bachelorette parties and weddings to charity dinners and business drinks. You will find that your guests will be enthralled with neon-colored signs.

Get the Best Neon Signs Customized at GetCUSTOMNEONSIGNS!

It’s exciting to get creative custom neon signs. Depending on where you choose to place your sign, it can provide a rich and vibrant look to any room or window. Ideal for both internal and external use, neon signs are an original method of expressing your personality.

It is possible to combine neon signs with other colors or themes to create distinctive displays regardless of how you utilize the signs. The neon sign can be used to compliment your existing decor, whether you want a classic appearance or a more contemporary and fun one. GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS can make a custom neon sign to your needs. To start planning your own neon design, call GetCUSTOMNEONSIGNS now.


From the Glow of Gas to the Brilliance of LEDs: Evolution of Neon Signage

Create Neon welcomes 2023 with a new logo and look!

Create Neon is an innovative brand that aims to make your space brighter and prettier.
Today is the second-anniversary celebration of Create Neon. To celebrate, we have updated our identity. This includes a new logo as well as brighter and more creative fonts. You’ll see our new look on our website, as well as all our social media channels.

A Brief History of Create Neon

Jordan Christie, in the year 2020, founded Create Neon. Jordan is an artist. Jordan was an artist who incorporated decades-old neon tube lighting into his art pieces. His family, friends, mentors, and colleagues all appreciated his experimentation. He made neon art at local art galleries.

Jordan founded Create Neocon to help neon lovers around the world. He developed a team of talented artists who loved creating neon tubes in artistic shapes. Create Neon’s founder believed that all ideas should be accessible to everyone. He started this USA-based online neon sign business and then opened a second branch in the UK in 2020. Create Neon now operates two websites. One is for the USA, and one is for the UK. Create Neon has a dedicated team of designers as well as 24/7 client service. They will help you design your neon sign. Just share your ideas for custom neon signs with the team and they will provide a complimentary mock-up.

The Evolution Of The Create Neon Logo

Change is part of growth. We have made many changes to our company’s brand as we grow. We feel that our new look is more in line with the company’s evolution since 2020. With just one click, we are now the most affordable platform available to make bright and vibrant LED neon sign easily accessible to all.

We have retained the colors of our logo as they were in our old logo. They are blue and pink. To reflect the new spirit, we have made our logo more vivid and brighter. Our goal was to change the theme colors from dull to vivid shades to better reflect our business. The new logo uses multiple fonts to symbolize the ‘endless customizations’ we offer our customers while they make custom neon signs.

Favicon website

The smiling smile that you see at top of the browsing tab has always been our favorite icon. The glowing eyes of the icon represent the neon spark we desire to see in the world. This neon spark lights up your life, and makes you smile as much as the smileys that we use! This favicon represents our mission to spread smiles worldwide through our beautifully designed neon signs. Make your neon signs with our online tool. You can also send us your ideas through our online submission form. We will make your logo into custom neon signs.

Throwback to 2020 – What did our Old Logo Say?

With the next stage of our journey planned, we thought it would make sense to reflect on how the Create Neon emblem was created in 2020. This seems like an eternity ago!

This logo captured our entire spirit at that time. We had a mission to bend LED neon signs into our preferred shapes and characters. So our previous logo used LED neon tubes.


How to Fix Common Neon Sign Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

Bright neon signs can be a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any home. Neon signs are a great way to advertise products and generate sales. They also make a beautiful focal point for photo ops or can add a warm, cozy atmosphere to your home. Finding the right way to repair a neon sign can be frustrating.

The classic neon signs are handcrafted and can make it difficult to find the right place to start.

We are here to assist you. You can read on to learn more about how to repair a neon sign that has been damaged.

Yes, Neon Signs Can Be Dangerous

Before doing anything, be sure to follow all safety precautions for your neon sign. Incorrectly handling neon signs can make them, especially older neon signs very dangerous.

Make sure to turn your neon sign off before touching it.

Neon signs expose glass tubing encased with gas to high voltage for shining. This produces the neon glow associated with vintage neon signs but also makes them more dangerous.

Neon signs should be handled with extreme care. LED signs operate at a lower voltage (12-24 V), but neon signs require a high voltage. You could get a severe electric shock if your sign is not turned off before being handled. Handling a neon sign that is still plugged in could result in a serious electrical shock.

Additionally, neon signs older than 20 years old were made of lead glass. Fun fact: Neon gas is used in neon signs that are red or pink. Other colors can contain elements other than neon. However, some neon signs can have small amounts (although most of them are safe).

These neon signs don’t contain any lead or mercury. But you should be cautious if you suspect that there may have been a break in your neon sign. Wear gloves and a mask. Beware of broken glass.

Can my neon signage be repaired?

The state of your sign’s disrepair will most likely determine the cost of its repair. The majority of neon signs can still be repaired. However, it is possible to repair them depending on the quality and extent of the damage.

Never try to repair an old neon sign. It is best to take an older sign to a professional. They will be able to diagnose the problem and tell you how much it will cost. If your neon sign’s brightness is decreasing, this could indicate that it is simply getting older. Neon signs have an average lifespan of between 10-12 years.

If your sign has not been replaced, some DIY options can be used to repair it. But, it is important to get a professional opinion. These DIY neon sign fixes can only be used for problems such as a shorted wire or a broken transformer.

Check the return policies of the company where you purchased your sign. Signage companies rarely offer money-back guarantees, especially for custom neon signs. But, many offer warranties for specific flaws or problems.

How expensive is it to repair a neon light sign?

It depends. It all depends. What was the extent of the damage? Is the sign made of high-quality materials? No two neon signs are the same because each sign is handcrafted. It is not possible to repair neon signs singly.

A low-quality, broken transformer will require a different approach than fixing neon glass. It will take longer to repair a sign that is cracked, even if it’s only partially.

You should expect to spend $50-60 for repairs in the worst case, which is a loose wire. Repair costs for small damages to the glass or issues with the transformer will be close to $300-400. The repair of broken neon signs can be more expensive if they have more serious problems.

The price of neon sign repairs will also be affected by how good they are. Although more qualified professionals will be able to diagnose and repair your sign quicker, they will be more expensive to hire.

If you are confident, DIY solutions can reduce costs. However, this can be more dangerous and complicated than hiring professionals.

How can I take care of my neon sign?

Regular maintenance of your neon sign can prevent dimming and burning. It cannot prevent broken glass, but it can reduce the need for professional repairs.

Your custom neon sign should be left on for 24 hours if you are not using it. This will help prevent future problems. Energy efficiency is vital, not only for the environment but also to save money. Neon lights are more efficient when left on 24/7, unlike other lighting solutions.

You can prevent future damage by cleaning your neon sign frequently. It is important to turn off your neon sign and then unplug it. Once you turn off your sign and unplug it, you can gently clean it. Dust, dirt, and any other buildup can be removed with a soft, clean cloth or a brush.

Handling the custom neon sign is a delicate matter. Tempering glass to create neon tubing makes it fragile.

Consider installing a bug trap near your neon sign, especially if you have one outside. Your neon sign will become a beacon to bugs. This can cause the sign to block some light and make it harder to clean.

Looking to buy a new sign?

Broken neon signs don’t make for fun. Broken neon signs are often more expensive than their initial cost. Businesses may find this difficult when trying to maintain visibility without spending too much. We know how frustrating this can be for businesses trying to maintain visibility without spending a lot of money. This is why we have designed a custom LED neon sign that is easy to fix, durable enough to drive over with a car, as well as a one-year warranty.

SpellBrite can’t provide repair services for damaged neon signs. However, with over 20 years of experience creating illuminated signage that looks neon, SpellBrite can help you determine where to start and what the next steps should be. Contact us at (312-575-9620) or email to get more information. Or, you can request an instant online quote here.


Effortlessly Install Your LED Neon Sign with These Step-by-Step Instructions

While LED neon signs can be enjoyable, they are also essential tools that can help you make the most of your space, and also save your pocket a lot of money. Part-life hack, part neon sign tutorial, we’re here to give you the steps to carry out your DIY install – completely on your own. This guide will help make your space appear bigger regardless of whether it’s the living room, hallway, or bedroom. Follow our advice and tackle any hanging task like the confident, skilled neon sign handyman you are. The most appealing thing? The best part? It allows you to meet new friends and rid yourself of the mundane.

Materials: Studfinder, level, pencil, and drill.

1. Location:

You can choose the location and how high your neon sign hung in the room. If neon lights are installed on walls, such as artwork or pictures the best height is 57 inches from the ground. A level can be used to ensure evenness.

2. Anchors

For additional structural support, anchors for drywall may be used if necessary. This is contingent on the style of your customized LED signs. For all rectangular and contour backing options, attach the standoffs that come with the sign. Before you screw the standoffs in to secure the LED neon sign, you must place the board against the wall.

3. Drill

Next, drill the pilot holes with your drill. Then, carefully use a screwdriver for drilling the screws through the holes located inside the barrels of each standoff, making sure they are in line with the wall.

4. Secure

Place the custom neon lights in the space. Secure the sign hardware to the front of the plexi by gently tightening the inner screws with your hands, while paying close focus on the exact tension needed to secure the sign to the wall.

5. Plug-and-play

Plug the power cord into a grounded wall outlet. Connect the power cord to the neon sign transformer. Be sure that the LED sign tubing is illuminated.

6. Finale

And you’re done. Sit, marvel, and have fun!

Do you have any ideas for custom neon signs? Send them to us via Instagram!