Bringing Vibrancy to Life: A Guide to Photographing Neon Signs

How you can create eye-catching, bold photos using retro lights.

Neon signs are disappearing quickly from our streets and storefronts. However, many of them still exist and continue to draw photographers who wish to capture their unique light. Learn how to use these fluorescent tubes to add retro flair to all your photography, from street photography to portraits.

How to photograph neon signs

Even on the darkest night, neon is bright and dazzling. Here’s how to photograph custom neon sign in its entirety:

  1. Use wide apertures: Neon signs are very bright and best photographed at night.
  2. Increase the ISO of your neon sign. To capture details in the darkness, you will need to increase the ISO.
  3. Manually adjust white balance. Neon emits bright and unnatural colors. To capture the true glow from your neon sign’s neon sign, manually adjust your camera’s white balance to get the best results.
  4. Shooting RAW: Photographing at night involves balancing very dark and light areas. This can be challenging to do in-camera. RAW captures more information that can be used to enhance your photos or make them look professional.

Use a variety of photography techniques for fun effects in your custom neon sign photography. You can add additional elements to your photos, such as models or reflective surfaces, once you are comfortable with your camera settings.


Photography Made Easy: Mastering Neon Sign Photography in Hong Kong with 5 Quick Tips

Hong Kong draws photographers from all around the world like flies at a light from the abundance of neon signs that hang from the city’s clustered structures. Photographing neon lights is not an easy task. The trick is to have patience and be creative, as well as know how to work with low light. These are five easy tips and tricks to help you keep Hong Kong’s neon cityscape intact.

Some props are helpful

You need to have a unique angle to make a signed photo look interesting. Sometimes, you might need a prop to spice up your shot. The reflective side of a disc can be held up to your lens. While you may have to adjust the angle of your disk, once you get it in the correct position, you will get a burst or color that will fill the space in your photograph. Amazon or eBay sells glass prisms for a more elegant look. Prisms can create amazing effects by refracting light. For example, you can make flares and rainbows in your photos. If you are taking portraits of a model, make sure they have a pair of glasses. The surrounding neon signs for sale will reflect light off the glass and draw your audience into the photograph. If nothing else works, you can use the reflective surfaces surrounding you. Shop windows and puddles on floors are all good options.

Neon LED signs can look brighter than the dark, so it’s tempting to crank up your exposure. Avoid falling for this trap. Instead, try to underexamined your photo slightly and add details in the editing process. This will allow you to keep the ISO low and capture more detail. It will also minimize grain and preserve the highlights and colors of the image.

If your phone does not allow you to adjust ISO, tap on the portion of the image in the middle of the darkest or brightest part of your image. This will allow your phone to adjust to mid-brightness and give you the same freedom with light as a DSLR.

Before you leave, look for a neon sign

Before you take off on your next photography trip, it is important to know where the custom neon signs are located. It is not easy to find the right sign in the dark, as Hong Kong is overflowing with lights. Tsim Sha Tsui’s Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok’s Wan Chai have a lot of great signs. Don’t be afraid to explore off the beaten path. There are also unique signs that can be found in smaller areas like fishing villages or small restaurants.

Where and how to take photos of stars in Hong Kong, and tips from an Award-winning Pro

Post-processing is crucial

Neon signs are available in many different styles and colors. You don’t have to stop once you’re happy about your shot. Lightroom, Photoshop, or another photo editing software will import your image. Once you are happy with the shot, you can experiment with color curves and highlights until you find the right color scheme. RAW will allow you more freedom in changing colors and brightness. Follow the second tip to enhance or brighten shadows and highlights to bring out the full color.


The Role of Color in Branding and Advertising: A Psychological Perspective

Although neon signs were not popular in the 1980s and 1990s due to their retro appeal, this century-old technology is still highly sought after by retailers, restaurants, and other service businesses. Neon signs for sale communicate information with style.


  1. Although historians claim that the first experiment with lighted glass tubes dates back to the late 1600s in some cases, neon signs as we know it have only been around for about a century. Sir William Ramsay, who discovered a variety of “new gasses” including neon in 1904, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Georges Claude (French engineer) invented the neon lamp in 1910. Two years later in Paris, Claude’s business associate sold the first neon sign of its kind to a barber.


  1. Neon signs have attracted attention ever since 1912 because they can be clearly seen even at night. Many neon signs for sale outdoors are used to complement colorful backdrops, creating streetscape signage and functional pieces of art. The signs’ high visibility was a major reason they were so popular in America’s growth of roadside culture during the 1950s and 1960s. Numerous businesses use custom neon signs in order to assist customers in making decisions. Hoteliers, for instance, use neon “vacancy” signs to lure guests.


  1. Even though neon signs have not changed significantly since their introduction to America during the 1920s, it is still an integral part of many marketing tools. The late 1990s saw a revival in neon signage. Engineers improved the process by using different gas combinations to broaden signs’ color ranges. A LED neon sign may contain helium (or carbon dioxide) or argon depending on its color. LED and fiber optic technology now allows for more efficient signage. Many signs are shaped in familiar, neon-like designs.


  1. A number of historians and architects have accused business owners of creating visual clutter by using too many neon signs. Sign owners need to consider the message they send and how it looks in the environment when choosing neon signs. Neon signs can be viewed in many different ways by different communities. New Yorkers were upset about a neon umbrella attached to their bank headquarters. Bostonians however loved their iconic gas station signs and have not had to deal with the new foreign owners.


  1. Vintage neon signs owners now draw the attention of both customers as well as spectators. Some of the country’s most loved and iconic neon signs are being preserved by historic commissions and restoration societies. They bring prestige to the businesses that have been using them for many decades. More practically, neon signs have been a way of communicating that a store’s business hours are actually open.

January Blues? Not at Your Bar with Neon Signs That Attract Customers

Since the holiday season has come to an end for the year, many hospitality businesses are noticing a decline in patrons. There are likely to be ways to re-engage customers in January if you own bars. As many people participate in the dry months of January, this could be a difficult task at hand! Sometimes, you need the right advertising to be in your arsenal.

This is where neon signage for bars is part of the picture. In this blog, we will explore how neon can be used to draw people to your bar after the holiday season.

These are three effective ways to do it.

Live music concerts are advertised in the media.

Live music is a great way to bring people back to your bar this January! The opportunity to see local musicians is an exciting night out and is certain to draw some attention. If you’re considering putting on a concert at your bar, an effective way to advertise this would be through a neon sign.

Advertising neon has a long history. It’s not unusual that neon signs attract to be noticed. A neon sign advertising live music is the most effective way to draw returning customers in January.

Talk to local artists or event organizers about the possibility of performing. Let’s start making your bar look amazing with a custom neon sign.

Advertise your latest deals

Advertising your latest deals is another way neon can attract customers back to your business. Signs made of neon can be an effective way to announce any January offers to combat the January blues. If you’re offering 20% off certain beverages or foods, for instance, ensure that the people passing by are aware of this! They might be enticed by the offer to go to your bar and explore the deals you’re offering.

Neon Creations can create a customized design for you, or demonstrate the already-designed designs that we have.

Your logo for your business

Consider displaying your logo in neon to let everyone know. It’s a fantastic way to let passersby know your business is not just open, but also well-established and ready to serve the needs of customers.

We can create a personalized logo specifically for your company that you can hang up on your windows. It will surely grab your customers’ attention and draw customers to stop by for an ice-cold drink or two.

If you’re thinking of designing or hiring a neon sign for your business this year, then don’t be reluctant to get in touch now. We’d love to help you.


The New Face of Venue Branding: Digital Signage Revolutionizes the Scene

Digital signage is changing the way your venue implements its marketing and branding strategies. This info will help you determine whether digital signage is the right choice for your venue.

This article

Digital Signage vs. Static Signage

Digital signs are an innovative alternative to traditional advertising and information sharing. LED neon signs can have screens that display changing messages. Digital signage can be used to promote your business, direct guests through your space, direct traffic, and even broadcast live events. Because they can change the way they function, you can expand their capabilities, utilize them for a variety of purposes, and update them as needed to align with your marketing and branding goals.

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

LED neon signs are more frequent in the field of marketing. They are fixed fixtures that have a fixed message and need to be maintained. Software solutions manage digital signage displays, changing a static sign requires commissioning a new sign or changing its design elements. It is possible to use static signs to advertise your brand as well as navigation information.

Digital Signage Benefits

Digital signage is a solution that offers unique benefits to your establishment even though many businesses and institutions still rely on static signs. These benefits can assist you to determine if using digital signage is the right marketing and advertising strategy for your business.

1. Make sure that messages are up-to-date

Digital signage offers many benefits which include the capability to change your displays whenever you need them. You can effortlessly switch between sponsor advertisements or event information as well as live broadcasts. It is possible to program content to be automatically updated, making it more cost-effective than static approaches. It is possible to update your software solution in order to keep up with any changes and accommodate your requirements.

2. Boost Entertainment and Engagement

Digital signage can be used to display all kinds of things, moving beyond the informational. Digital signage can boost the visibility of your venues whether you’re using them for concerts, sports games, or other purposes. Digital signage is a great way to broadcast live events or other actions to all attendees at your location. This can create a memorable experience. With content that is easily accessible and shared, your guests will be entertained for the duration of their visit.

Your LED neon sign can be utilized to keep your crowd active during times of slowdown or in between concerts or games. Many stadiums have digital screens which can be used to make interactive experiences. There are also other games such as trivia, scavenger hunts, or social media challenges. Your guests will be entertained and be aware of the digital signage.

Season ticket holders as well as returning guests will be able to enjoy something different every time they go to your venue by altering the program. You can continue engaging their interests and give them something else to anticipate.

3. Communicate Easily With Guests

If you are hosting an event at your location it is possible that you will need to give information to guests. You might need to rely on announcements made by mouth for details, which may be confusing. The LED neon signs that are static can be helpful however they could be outdated or inaccurate when situations change. Digital signage can be adjusted to meet the needs of the event and target audience by altering the details or using different languages.

Digital signs that function as tools for communication can take on various functions. You can utilize them throughout your venue to help guide traffic on foot or in vehicles. LED neon signs can be utilized to guide visitors to exit quickly and safely at the end of an event. You can place them in parking spaces to draw attention to them or direct guests to open spaces. You can equip your concession stands with digital signage to change menus and allow for sold-out or special items.

4. Increase Brand Presence

You can create unique signs with LED neon signs that will make your establishment stand out. It is possible to work with a sign designer to modify its shape and dimensions to make an ideal solution that is best suited to your requirements and grabs guests’ attention. You can, for instance, try wrap-around screens and custom-designed designs.

Signs like these can help make your stadium and its fixtures become landmarks in the local area, making them more attractive to locals and tourists alike. You can allow guests to take pictures in front of the screen, and then share photos via social media. This will allow you to attract more attention if they tag your location. Clear visual elements make it easy to locate your venue and create an enjoyable experience for guests.

You can compete better with other venues if you make use of the most recent technologies and innovative solutions. You should expect an increase in revenue as well as patron loyalty since your establishment is more well-known and loved by visitors.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Because you are able to modify and update your digital signage at any time you can boost the urgency surrounding products and deals. The advertisements that are temporary can inform your target audience that your goods are limited and prompt them to take action earlier. While static signs may create the impression of urgency, some patrons may forget about them and not take the time to read them. This can lead to lower sales. If you’re trying to increase the sales of your establishment using a digitally-powered solution, then a dynamic one could be the most effective option.

Take into account the digital signage aspect

As with all sign options, digital signage has unique elements to take into consideration before committing. When you understand the impact of these variables on the use of digital signage and your venue, you will be able to determine whether this sign choice is suitable for your location. Take a look at these aspects of digital signage:

  • Initial costs: While digital signs are less expensive to maintain and maintain, you will have higher initial costs. The cost of the digital technology used in this type of sign will be greater than the purchase and installation fees. If you’re planning to budget your expenses to work with, you may be required to reconsider this sign technique.
  • Expertise and maintenance: Software solutions can create digital signs that are easier to update for venues. It is necessary to program the updates yourself which can be a challenge for people with limited technical skills. Technical experts are needed to handle software updates, work with technical issues and resolve them.
  • Opportunities missed and speed: You need to optimize your advertising and digital content to ensure maximum viewing. Moving or temporary messages mean viewers could miss important information or opportunities. The timing and repetition of messages can be helpful but lack the same surety that static signs offer.

There are numerous benefits of digital signage venues. Knowing the details can give you more knowledge of the way in which investing in this kind of sign type is done.


How to Select the Ideal Neon Sign for Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide

The LED Neon signs have been a fantastic addition to signage and advertising throughout the years. With a wide range of lights and bright colors, neon signs can grab attention instantly to get the message across. LED Neon signs have been available in many different colors, from the familiar bright white to the fiery reds. Some parts of the world have been known to associate neon signs with a cultural phenomenon.

Tips on how to get the perfect neon sign.

  • You should be aware of the layout and design of your space. This will influence the appearance of the sign.
  • Before you make your sign, take into consideration the background. A custom neon sign that is too dark will require brighter colors. Signs that are too light will look washed out.
  • The design is perhaps the most crucial part of a neon art sign. Make sure the design matches what you are trying to convey and fits in with the brand’s message.
    • There are many neon signs available, but not all of them are the same price. You will pay less for a plain white neon than for one that is hot pink.
    • Don’t be afraid to try new fonts or design elements.
    • Remember to consider the cost of the LED neon sign you can afford. It may cost more to purchase different units or arrangements.
    • It is important to choose a font design that is appropriate for your business. It’s also a good idea to keep it simple and easy to understand.
    • You must also address the issue of size when getting clear steel letters for the shop
    • Customization is possible with neon signs. The entire range of options is available to you, including the lettering as well as the final layout or color scheme. You can include your business logo here.
    • Important is choosing the right backing. You can choose a solid hue to make the neon appear flat. For reflective effects, a metallic backing will work best.

Brighten Up Your Diwali Decor with Neon Lights

Lighting is vital to create a welcoming atmosphere in any setting, be it your home, workplace, or another event. Even the best designer will tell you that lighting is just as important to your home as the right furniture. Many factors influence the lighting of a space. These include brightness, intensity, and color. The right lighting can lift your mood, improve your environment, and inspire positivity and enthusiasm. Lighting is believed to brighten your day, bring joy and smiles, and make you feel happy. Diwali, the festival that lights up the world, is a celebration of happiness and hope.

Lighting is an essential part of home decor, and you should plan to make the necessary modifications for Diwali. It is known as the festival of lights because it represents the triumph of good over evil, and the lighting of the darkness within us. To spread the light amongst your guests, use neon lights for outdoor decorations and indoor Diwali light decorations. There are many Diwali lights that you can use inside and out.

Traditional decorations that bring Diwali vibes include traditional diyas, Happy Diwali text stickers, idol statues, and other religious symbols. But, NeonzaStudio offers the complete Diwali collection. We have all the traditional sentiments, but also offer our unique neon signs. There are many brightly colored diwali lights that everyone loves. Lights can bring out the positive side of life, remove darkness and negativity, and fill you with positivity. So what are you waiting to do? You can browse the complete collection to get started on your Diwali decor.


We have discussed the many neon lights available to you today to make your home festive this season.

Om Neon sign

We write Om symbols on everything we buy, including vehicles, to spread positivity and show appreciation for the new start. Similar to the Om symbol in Indian religion, they are used on all auspicious occasions. They play an important part in setting spiritual vibes.

Ganesha idol Neon sign

Every time we do something auspicious we remember Lord Ganesha first and worship him before all others. Diwali, a festival that celebrates the goddess Parvati as well as Lord Ganesha, is celebrated every year. Instead of using mud-based idols, you can use advanced Ganesha neon signs to spread his energies and his blessings.

Satya Neon sign

Satya is a Sanskrit name that represents truth and essence. It’s a Hindu word that means truthfulness in one’s thoughts, speech, and actions. This message can be spread by bright LED neon signs and lights. You can make a lasting impression by using innovative methods and expressing your faith in a new way.

Happy Diwali Neon Sign

Neon sign lights with Happy Diwali messages are now available.

Shubh Deepawali (shubh diipaavlii)

Shubh Deepawali (shubh diyaavlii) has been a traditional way to wish one another victory over evil for many decades. Get today your brightly colored neon light and signify the victory of good over evil in your home.

Diya neon sign

Are you tired of traditional Christmas decorations? Diya cutom neon sign lights can be used to decorate your worship area or temple and to bring life to your home. You can also avoid oil spillage by hanging the Neon Diya Sign light on your wall.

Welcome Home Neon sign for Ganesha idol

You can’t have Diwali decor without welcoming Lord Ganesha into your home. However, this year you will be able to welcome him in a way that is different from traditional statues. Their energy is positive and makes everyone feel at ease.

Diwali is the festival that we prepare around one month before the event and continues for a few days after the end of the celebration. They bring joy and love, spreading smiles and positivity amongst everyone. You can celebrate Diwali by using Neon Diwali lights decorations and giving gifts to your loved ones to brighten the occasion.

Neonza Studio delivers premium quality neon lights right to your doorstep, according to your specifications. Our affordable price range makes it easy to order the custom neon sign and lights for Diwali.


Quick and Easy Guide: 5 Steps to Installing Your Own Neon-Sign

What are the best trendy bedroom decor ideas for teens?

Does your teenager’s room feel dull and monotonous?

Do you want to add some quirky fun and personality to the decor of your home?

Are you looking for creative and trendy ideas to decorate your teen room?

If you have any questions or are searching for trendy teenage room decor ideas then this is the place to be. We understand that decorating a teenager’s room can be challenging.

Matching your teenager’s bedroom decor to your home is possible. However, you should not let your teenage child decorate their room.

You need to make sure that the teenager’s bedroom decor reflects their style and personality in a fun way. Because their room is an expression of their mind, beliefs, and thoughts, it is essential to pick the best trendy teenage decor.

The space is where teenagers live, study, eat, and watch movies and TV. Therefore, the decor of their bedroom must match their personality. A trendy bedroom for teens can transform a teenager’s space.

This is the most trendy idea for decorating a teenage bedroom.

Though it may seem like a daunting task, transforming a teen room can be made easy with our best trendy and exciting teenage room decor ideas.

Teenagers should have a place that is their own. This includes trendy rooms for teens. Custom neon signs, which are affordable and will make your teenager’s space look amazing, are our top picks.

Neon Sign Ideas for your Teenage Room Decor

The neon light sign is a fun and playful addition to the room’s aesthetic. The neon sign is a great way to give your teenage room a new look. These neon signs are our favorite way to brighten up your room.

The wide variety of neon signs available allows you to choose the best fit. You can show off your creativity and make your neon signs.

The trendy neon signs to decorate a teenager’s bedroom?

Here are some cool and trendy quotes about teenage room neon signs that we love to hang up on their walls.

Apart from these cool neon sign quotes, you can also make your personalized teenager’s bedroom sign. It could be their name, favorite catchphrase or quote, or a poem. A trendy bedroom design for teens can make it a comfortable and stylish space to live and sleep in.

For teenage rooms, a neon sign is the best. It will brighten up your room in the most exciting, colorful, and vibrant way. Consider a neon sign to match their personality. They can be motivated by just looking at it. These neon signs can be used to cheer up your teenager or have their friends stay at the house.


Unleash Your Creativity: 7 Benefits of Using Neon Lights in Your Interior Design

was the very first sign that used neon lights, and was created in 1912. For home decor, room lighting, etc., neon lights continue to be popular. These lights are not only popular among business owners, but also make great decor for your home.

Because neon lights are bold and stylish, it is easy for your home to stand out.

Would you like to know more about neon lighting and the reasons why you should have them installed in your house? You will find 7 top benefits to installing neon lights throughout your home in this article.

1. Bold Lighting

First, neon lighting is a bold option for lighting that adds an unique element to your home.

The bright colors available allow you to transform any space. While many people use them in their private spaces, such as their bedroom, others use them to create a focal point in their kitchens, living areas, or bathrooms.

Use neon lighting to bring a splash of color into your home. You also have the option to add trendy lighting to your house. Use neon lights in your backyard, camper or elsewhere as spring and Summer are approaching.

2. Many shapes and designs

The next reason LED Neon signs are great is that they come in many styles and colors. You can choose from an infinite number of colors to use with neon lighting.

Also, neon lighting can be used for creating endless designs and shapes. These lights are very popular among business owners and storefronts. It is simple to create images, logos, and words out of neon lights.

You can personalize your neon sign to include your name, favorite quote, or other details.

3. Longevity

Furthermore, neon lightbulbs have a shorter lifespan than conventional lightbulbs. When properly maintained, neon lights can last up to 10 years. While traditional lightbulbs might last for several years, they may be able to last as little as a month.

This means you can keep your neon lights lit for longer times without worrying about having to change them.

4. Good For the Environment

A second benefit to using LED Neon signs is their environmental benefits. This is because they require less energy. They are also called LED Neon signs. However, neon lights can only be lit by the neon-gas-discharge tubes.

This is what gives neon lights their characteristic glow. Also, they consume less energy to light the room for the same duration as regular lightbulbs. It is estimated that neon lights use approximately 50% less energy per hour than other types of bulbs.

Neon lights are environmentally friendly because they do not consume as much energy and don’t have to be replaced as often. They won’t be as frequent to change, so they are less likely to end up in landfills.

5. Attract People to your Home

Neon lights can be used to grab attention. Neon lights have been used to create store signs for years. It is an easy way for customers to find your business. Similar to neon lights, they will attract people to you home.

The ambiance is important to many people, whether they’re eating out or just hanging out with friends. An eye-catching sign in attractive colors will help create the right atmosphere for your home.

6. Highlight Items

The addition of lights to your home can make certain rooms stand out or highlight certain items. For example, people often use rope or fluorescent strip lights for framing art on the walls of their homes.

You might also find others who use them under their cabinets or beds to style and highlight your furniture.

You can use neon lights to accent certain areas of your space. This creates a unique effect that makes them stand out.

7. Change Your Energy & Style

You can also use neon lights to transform your space. Like I said, neon lights create an atmosphere in a space. To change the feel of your space, you can use colors that are representative of your personality.

Your level of energy can also be affected by what color lights you choose for the home. A combination of blue and white light can increase your energy and productivity. It can also make sleep difficult if these lights are used during the night.

red can be beneficial to your internal clock and mental well-being. Red lights can increase your body’s production of melatonin which can help you fall asleep.

You can improve your mood and energy by using different colors of neon lights.

Find the Best Neon Lights for Your House

The neon light has been around more than 100 year and is still a popular option for homeowners. They are good for the environment, increase traffic to your space, and can improve your aesthetic.

Birddog Lighting can provide high-quality, neon lighting for your home. Birddog Lighting offers neon strip lights of any color that can be used to improve the lighting conditions in your house or office.

Get in touch with our te

was 1912’s first sign made with neon lights. Today, neon lighting is a popular choice for decorating your home and room. Although neon lights are extremely popular with business owners, they can also be used for home decor.

Because they are bold and fashionable, neon lights make it easy to make your house stand out.

Are you curious to find out more about the benefits of neon lighting in your home and why you should use them? This article will show you the 7 best reasons to hang neon lights in a home.

  1. Bold Lighting

First, neon lights are bold lighting options that add an interesting element to your home.

You can completely transform your space with the many bright colors they offer. You can use the neon lights in your bedroom or in your living room. Others use them as a focal point of their kitchens or living areas.

The neon lighting is a great way of adding color to your house. Also, neon lights are great for spring and summer!

  1. Many designs and shapes

You can also find neon lights in many forms and designs that are great for homeowners. There are many colors you can choose for neon lighting. You’re sure to find one that suits you.

Use neon lighting to create an endless number of designs and shapes. These lights are a great choice for business owners who want to make logos, images and words from neon lighting.

You can personalize a neon signs for homeowners with your name, favorite quote, and any other information you wish to put on your wall.

  1. Long Lifespan

The lifespan of neon lights is also longer than that of traditional lightbulbs. The majority of neon lights will last at least 10 years if properly maintained. Contrary to this, traditional lightbulbs only last about a year to a monthly.

This means that your neon lights can be used longer without needing to replace the bulbs.

  1. Good For the Environment

You can also benefit from using neon lighting in your home by making it more eco-friendly. This is due to the fact that they use less energy. The neon light is an electric light, but it’s actually an electric neon light. They are lit from gas-discharge tube that contains the neon gas.

This is why neon lights have a glowing effect. The light they produce requires less energy than regular bulbs to lighten a room. Actually, neon lights require about half the energy as other types of bulbs.

Neon lights require less energy and are not as frequent to replace, so they are more environmentally-friendly. Because neon lights don’t require as much energy and do not have to be changed as often, they won’t cause as much landfill waste.

  1. Attract People To Your Home

Neon lighting is meant to draw attention. These neon lights have been used as store signs for years. They can be easily used to bring customers into your business. In the same way, neon lights can attract people to visit your home.

It is something people appreciate, no matter whether they are dining at a restaurant and staying at home. A striking sign made from attractive colors will help to set the mood in your home.

  1. Highlight Items

It’s a simple way to make certain parts of your house stand out, or to highlight particular items. To frame art on the walls in their homes, many people use ropes or neon strips lights.

To style and highlight furniture, others may place these neon lights underneath their cabinets or beds.

To give your space a special effect, use neon lights to highlight certain areas.

  1. Change Your Energy & Style

It is easy to update or modify your aesthetic with neon lights. As mentioned, neon lights are a great way to set the mood in your space.

Your energy levels can also be affected depending on the lighting you use in your home. The combination of white and blue light can help you be more productive, energetic, and motivated. You might find it hard to sleep if these lights are on at night.

yellow lights on the other side are good for mental health and your internal clock. Red light can cause your body to release more melatonin. This can help you sleep better.

You can adjust the amount of energy that you have by choosing different colors for neon lights. This will improve your mood.
Find the Best Neon lights for your Home

These neon lights have been around over 100 years. They are still a very popular lighting choice for homeowners. They are great for the space, attract people and enhance your aesthetic.

Birddog Lighting offers high-quality neon lights that can be used for lighting your home. We can supply neon strip lights in any colour and can improve the lighting of your home or business.

am for more information about neon lights or to buy neon light products online.


Shining a Light on the Benefits of LED Neon Signs: A Comparison to Traditional Neon Lights

Businesses are increasingly turning to LED neon signs for creative branding that catches attention and is more appealing than traditional neon signs. Learn why LED neon signs have become so popular with businesses and how it will help them move to a brighter future.

How do LEAD and Neon Signage differ?

A string of Light Emitting Diodes is used to create neon signs and light sources. The light sources are placed far enough apart to allow the light sources to overlap, giving them a constant glow.

A protective polymer is used to wrap LEDs. It is more lightweight than neon tubing glass and more flexible. This makes them much less fragile. They are usually a bit taller and wider than their LED counterparts. An LED neon signs is as thin as 12 inches. That’s in comparison to neon which can only be 3-5 inches deep.

LED technology is increasingly being seen as a better, more affordable, and more environmentally-friendly way to attract attention.

Lower Electricity Our custom neon signs require 15x less electricity than traditional signs. In tubes straightened, the size of the signage is measured. Old neon signage uses approximately 20 watts of electricity per hour. A neon tube of the same length and thickness would consume 1.2 watts an hour to produce the same LED light. Additionally, our neon signs cost less than traditional neon. They will last for longer and save you money. You can save money by choosing a newer version.

Traditional neon signs can’t be customized. LED neon signs have a lot more creativity. They are composed of thousands of small single lights that can each be programmed to be active. LED lights can change color as well as flash or fade. You can also create new designs by changing the size of your LED bulbs, regardless of the space. Contrast that with tubes that are difficult or impossible to bend into complex shapes. A simple blink on/off capability will allow you to see which designs will be most popular.

A LED sign is easy to see, both up close and from a distance. Even at night, neon signs can be difficult for people to see from far away. LED neon lights are easily dimmable to your liking, so you can control how much energy is consumed. Our customized neon lights are less energy-intensive and brighter. Flexible display options are possible with configurable brightness.

Branding matches
LED neon signs come in a wide variety of colors. This makes it easier to convey your brand image more accurately while still maintaining brand integrity. NeonExperts also offers custom neon signage options so that your brand can liven up any space, work, or play.

Individual, sturdy bulbs make neon signs easy to maintain without the need to handle hot components. It is easy to clean any LED sign, whether it is on or off. All that is required for cleaning them is a damp cloth. The neon signs must be taken off and allowed to cool down before being cleaned. This will mean that there is one less thing you need to worry about.

Additionally, LED signs require very little maintenance. After a while, neon signs lose all their neon gas. Your old signs may become dimmed over time, even though it takes 10 years or longer. LED bulbs can last for a longer time and are far less sensitive than other weather conditions. You can also use your neon sign outdoors without worrying about water damage.

Life expectancy
LED signs can last up to 100,000 hours (11 years) if they are well-lit. Neon signs can only last for about 30,000 hours. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are much more robust than traditional neon signs that use fragile glass tubing. LED neon signs are waterproof and more resistant to weather damage. You can save even more if you’re exposed to extremes.

Sometimes we see signs that have been partially removed, which can make businesses look old and worn. The LED bulbs are easy to replace so it doesn’t impact the quality or use of the space. LED neon signs can be used for a long time without needing to be replaced. However, neon failures require replacement immediately.

Custom-made LED neon signage generates very little heat and is safe to the touch. There are potential shock hazards with neon, and LED bulbs can also be broken. This is in contrast to traditional neon signs which have fragile glass tubing.

Installation Speed & Cost – LED’s flexibility & lighter weight make it easier and quicker to install LED signs than their older counterparts. Even though LED equipment has a higher upfront cost, it is offset by labor savings and longer-lasting savings. The old neon signs’ components are bulkier, more hazardous to transport, and take longer to install.
The price of LEDs has fallen thanks to technology and the majority of modern signage is now LED.

Energy Savings
LEDs are more efficient than traditional neon signs, which use more electricity and heat. The 15,000-volt glass neon can be used by LED lighting, which uses only 24 volts. LED can also be used at low voltage (12V) and high voltage neon 120V (120V). LED signs use 200% less electricity than neon ones.

LED signs are an eco-friendly choice for lit signage. They consume very little energy and last for a long time. LED bulbs are becoming increasingly recyclable. Toxic waste is, however, obsolete neon signage. LEDs are not affected by mercury, glass tubes, argon, or gases.

LED neon signs can be a great way to save money on creative signage. The cost of advertising does not have to be cut. However, visibility and versatility should not be compromised. The benefits of LED are both short-term and long-term when you consider the differences between neon and LED signs. A professionally designed LED signage is attractive because it has more creativity and clarity. It leaves a greater impression in the mind’s eyes. LED signs can be used to advertise footfall.

Do you want to learn more about LED signs that can brighten your brand? Neon experts are available to answer any questions you may have and help you design your sign.